3 miles, 6 hats

I took myself out for a little trot around the village on Saturday morning, 3 miles – turns out it was the fastest I’ve run  that distance.

To be honest, my heart has been with the knitting and I’ve made a flying start with my tiny hats.

The first hat of the campaign. It was just the first wool that came to hand, but I've decided that it's a Compo hat in tribute to the passing of Last of the Summer Wine.

Not sure why I took the photo with the seam showing

This is how I celebrated International Beard Day on Saturday.

Hey Frankie, do you remember me?

And in recognition of our dubious view habits over the weekend –  my double knit interpretation of a film classic…

Mega Shark....

versus Giant Octopus. Oh yes.

Where’s the last month gone?

Um. Hello. I’ve just realised that I’ve not posted anything for a month. Crikey.

Suffice to say, I’ve still not found my running mojo.  I’ve been trying to get out at least once a week so I don’t give up entirely. In fact, I had two cracking morning runs on 28th and 29th October; I had 2 training days for work which resulted in the lovely combination of late starts and nearer location. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity (and the sunshine) and went out at 7.30 doing 3 miles each day at a not too bad for me pace. The problem with this is that although I really enjoyed them and they reminded me just how much I enjoy running (once I’m out there…), they were freakish one-off events that didn’t really help me get back into a routine. Even my club running has petered out a bit, but that just seems to be because life has started to occur on Tuesdays recently.

Having said that, I did a club run tonight and it nearly killed me. 3.5 miles, a bit hilly and I’m suffering with “decorating thighs” at the moment. The last two days have been spent balancing precariously on ladders, mainly using my quads to support myself (in yoga terms, it was a bit like doing a half camel four foot in the air) or doing a lunges with one foot on a rung and one on the meter cupboard. Poor ladder safety, but excellent end results. Next good intention is to go out on Saturday, club run Tuesday and book an after-work run midweek.

On the knitting front, The Big Knit hats are now on sale in Sainsburys. I remain very jealous of other people’s hats. I’m knitting a twirly scarf and have plans to run amok in one of my favourite wool shops tomorrow or Thursday. This will mainly involve running around touching yarn and dribbling wildly.

Sporadic running. Domestic goddessing. Tiny knitting.

Hmmm. I’m not getting much better at getting out regularly. I’m averaging one run a week at the moment – my excuses? Um. None really, just gone from being a bit fed up with life in general and finding it a struggle to do much at all, to perking up and being motivated to anything but run.

We’ve decided to do some work on the house as we’ve been here over 2 years and it’s still chaos, so we’re on a mission… The upshot of this is that we’re now sharing our house with a our friendly local plasterer – when we get him in it’s not so much a business transaction as a social enterprise. Unpredictable, unreliable, often in the pub, but a damn good plasterer when he deems to turn up. We’re also living in the kitchen as the rest of the house is full of either (a) plasterer’s gubbins or (b) contents of other rooms, my level of domesticity has gone through the floor (which none of us thought was humanly possibly) as there doesn’t seem much point when the place is covered in dustsheets. Actually, I say that I’m not being domestic, but the truth is that I’ve abandoned cleaning whilst chanelling all of my domestic energies into the kitchen – last weekend was pies (steak and cheese, lemon meringue) and blueberry muffins (amongst other things), this weekend was slow cooking (lamb tagine and tomato/veggie soup on the stove at the moment), coconut pyramids, chocolate mousee, flatbread and hummus. I’m fat but happy.

Amid all the lard, I’ve done two runs – last weekend was 5 miles (with a bit of walking on hilly bits) and today did 3 miles there and back in the village. Highlights today – using the virtual training partner on my garmin for the way back (and won! Albeit by a second per mile) and seeing a lovely steam train chuffing along. I’m very easily pleased. I keep having to remind myself that I started running this time last year, so if I can start running in the cold and dark, I can carry on running in the cold and dark. I think it’s a bit like dieting though, it’s easier to be motivated at the beginning when the weight comes off and you can see the change (or going from running from 5 minutes one week, to ten, to twenty), but it’s harder to maintain when the rewards aren’t as obvious.

In knitting news, the deadline for the Big Knit is now this week – and these are the fruits of my labours:

21 hats for the Big Knit

21 hats for the Big Knit

I’m particularly chuffed with the little fella on the left. Behatted smoothies will be in the shops from early November.