Janathon day seven: shop

Today’s Janathon effort was a ‘shop and drop’. These usually occur several times during an Athon and come into play when I need both exercise and groceries. Basically, we go and do the big shop at Tesco, Ginge throws me out at the side of the road and I run home. Tonight I did the shopping in my kit (hi-vis vest in handbag, I’ve got to have some standards) and was chucked out with a couple of miles to go. Miles was having one of his sulks at being asked to find satellites (either because it was cloudy or because I was standing next to a tree) but eventually we both got our act together and legged it back in time for tea.

This was not the only shopping that I have done in the past 24 hours. My beloved Asics Kayano 18s were half price at Sweatshop this weekend and the Telegraph were doing a £10 voucher as well, so it seemed rude not to invest in a pair for when my current shoes give up. Unfortunately, I was given an education in the difference between ‘a sale’ and ‘an offer’. It turns out that I couldn’t use the voucher for my trainers because they were on offer, rather than being in the sale. Still it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Lovely clean shoes

Lovely clean shoes

The Telegraph also had a voucher for Women’s Health magazine, which went into the trolley tonight and will probably cause me to curse and mutter dark oaths under my breath from cover to cover.

So that’s week one of Janathon completed and 21 miles done!

Nagging voices (real and imagined)

The battle between head and legs has started. I have developed another mental block on long runs and the really annoying thing is that it’s kicking in after, ooooh, a couple of miles. A couple of miles! Ridiculous. To try to get past this (and because he’s managed to nearly lop off the top of one of his fingers and can’t do his normal gym/training stuff) Ginge joined me on an after work long run of 10ish miles.

The negative nagging head kicked in after an unbearably short while at which point Ginge looked disappointed and nagged encouraged me to stop being a slacker. This lasted until I next ground to a halt when he decided to introduce a penalty system where I would have to do an extra 0.1 mile for every time I stopped. Apparently this was a carrot and stick system where the stick was having to do the extra distance if I stopped running and the carrot was not having to do the extra distance if I didn’t stop running; I still feel that I’ve been duped on this one.  To be honest, I carried on being a bit rubbish and there were little walking breaks throughout the whole thing.

On the one hand I know that this is a perfectly acceptable way to approach longer distances and I know that they weren’t the best conditions for me. I had underfed myself (salad is not pre-run food) (although Ginge had eaten the same as me and he was fine) (but I’m soft), it was a lot warmer than I expected and I was somewhat distracted by an impending stressful work thing the next day. On the other hand, I know that these are just excuses and I can do this if I put my mind to it and start to ignore the negative little voice that lurks in the back.

By the end of the run (which ended up as 10.5 miles because of route mismanagement rather than punishment) I felt as if my knees had been put on backwards and my aching ankles (caused by traipsing around Manchester over the weekend) were grumbling even more. All of this makes me suspect that a new pair of trainers might be in order. I was hoping that my faithful New Balances and the cheeky new upstart Asics Kayanos (that have tried to replace the NBs in my affections) might survive until October and then I could treat myself to a shiny new pair post-Royal Parks. Now I’m not so sure. I think that there’s certainly enough time to break in a new pair before the start line and the idea of running on bouncy new soles is rather appealing, but this wasn’t part of the plan. I think I’ll give my Asics a run out and see how they go over a distance. Or maybe think of a new post-race treat…