My New Years Eve review of 2012

What’s happened this year? Well for starters, it’s passed by in a blur. I know we all say that every year, but I’ve felt it even more so this year. So much so that I seem to be able to remember events of 2011 clearer than those of 2012. Looking back on my running is making me feel a little blue because I have finished the year with fewer miles under my belt and have lost what little pace I picked up in 2011. However…

I did complete the whole of Janathon. Again it was mostly cold and dark.

Janathon sheep - predicted to occur again within the first two days of Janathon 2013

Janathon sheep – predicted to occur again within the first two days of Janathon 2013

At the end of 2011 I had knitted half a sock. By September 2012, I had knitted a whole sock and had cast on another sock. I am proud to announce that at the end of the year I now have one and half socks. One day I hope to have a complete pair.

75% of a pair of socks. Or one sock and a very short leg warmer.

I also made a last ditch attempt to learn crochet before I ran out of year. I am no further along in learning to crochet since I wrote about that. In fact I have accepted that this is probably a sign that I’m not that bothered about learning to crochet. I am a knitter. I need two sticks to be happy.

2012 also saw me running more races than ever – I did the Age UK Wrap Up and Run 10k at Southport, the Bolton 10k, the Badger 10k, the inaugural Port Sunlight 10k and the Royal Parks Half. Crikey. That’s more than double the number of races that I did in 2011, which is something to be chuffed about.

10k penguin

10k penguin

Looking back, I remember that I joined a gym and was going quite regularly until we went on holiday and I haven’t been since. I should really go again. It is warmer than the outside and I don’t have to dive behind a bush if I need a wee.

Oh, and I did my treasure hunt for Juneathon. I loved doing this and it made me very giddy.

Athon barbecue and camping - well worth the previous 30 days effort

Athon barbecue and camping – well worth the previous 30 days effort

So what will 2013 have in store? I’m not setting any grand resolutions, but I do have an ever growing list of stuff to do in 2013… The year will kick off with another Athon (of course) and after that we shall see where the wind takes me… During last year’s Janathon I entered the ballot for the Royal Parks Half and was quite unsure whether or not I wanted to be selected. Now that I’ve done it once, I’d like to do it again and would be a little bit disappointed if my name wasn’t drawn out of the hat. Inevitably this means I will not get a place.

After the Royal Parks, I rashly decided to do a spring half and had been eyeing up the Blackpool Half. However, I’m already questioning the wisdom of this and will either weasel out of the whole enterprise or choose another spring race, probably miles away from home. I suspect that there will also be a couple of 10ks – I think I’d like to run Bolton and a Badger again, and I’m getting good vibes about another in Southport (I pick races on whether they give me a warm fuzzy feeling of excitement and joy).

This year’s new craft is going to be machine embroidery – I am booked on a course and everything. I may also try to deal with some of the more excessive corners of my wool stash. Or I may just add to them. It’s one or the other.

Oh, and I think I’d like to swim a bit too. I actually swam four times this year. Not in any kind of dolphin-like way, more of a splashy-don’t-worry-I’m-not-drowning kind of way (sometimes just floating around clutching a noodle) but I quite fancy doing a bit more.

Thank you for visiting and reading my ramblings this year – it really is appreciated – and I wish you all a very happy, fulfilled New Year.