To Do: Knit tea cosy

Yesterday I enjoyed a very indulgent afternoon of quality trashy television (I heart Nashville, do not judge me), a mug of tea, a slice of my mum’s coffee and walnut cake, and a ball of wool. Rather than embrace my inner moggy and spend my time chasing yarn around the front room, I was very productive and can now cross off “knit tea cosy” from my To Do list.

I should probably write a more useful To Do list.

Anyway, for ages I’ve wanted a cosy for my funny shaped teapot. It’s a For Life stump teapot (proper posh, it’s what they have in the Tate Modern cafe) and is brilliant because it has a removable infuser/strainer bit. This means that you can brew your tea for however long you like (3 minutes please) and then remove it, thus avoiding your second cup being an over-brewed brew. Whilst I always have a perfectly brewed second cup, it’s often a perfectly brewed second cup that is stone cold, hence the need for insulation.

My perfect but funny-shaped teapot
After a hunt on Ravelry, I found the perfect pattern. Based on a pattern for a type of fez (fezzes are cool, though I don’t know why you’d knit one), it just needed a bit of tweaking to re-scale it to the size of my teapot.

IMG_2946It had its first run out this morning and worked brilliantly. I am ever so proud!

Janathon day twenty-nine: grumpy

I was not feeling the Janathon love today. In my defence, there are just three days to go and mostly I have been annoyingly chirpy and giddy throughout the month. In fact, on the twentieth, when JogBlog tweeted that there was just eleven days to go, I had a little pang that it was all going to be over soon. Today the end cannot come quickly enough.

This morning everything ached. I would kill for a decent massage. None of this namby-pamby gentle soothing spa day massage to the sounds of whales playing panpipes, a  proper pummeling, deknotting massage that makes me swear. That would be lovely.

And I’ve spent the day feeling a bit off-side at work, out of sorts and a bit stressy and worried.

And I had been promised some of my colleague’s home-made soup for dinner, but when I got back to the office at two o’clock, it turned out that it was still in her fridge and it was too late for me to get anything else. So I just ate my fruit and an underfed me is not a happy me (I’m not going to waste away but I do get bloody grumpy).

And then it started raining.

And I had to go out and Janathon.

But then it stopped raining and Ginge very kindly offered to accompany me (I think it was as much as a precaution against me punching a passer-by as much as anything). I was going to do three miles, but at a mile and a half it started bucketing down. It would have been unfair of me to make Ginge endure this for another mile, so selflessly I cut it short at two miles.

I might make up the difference tomorrow…

In honour of my wearing of the grumpiest grumpy-pants, I thought I’d recycle my picture of this little fellow – the Grumpasaurus.

Grumpasaurus - that's me before a run that is. He was a pattern from Kat Crafts.

Janathon day twenty-three: socks

Last night I declared that I always sleep badly the night before an early run. It turns out that poor sleep is an essential part of me getting up at 5.30 – I went to bed in plenty of time and slept well, so well in fact that I slept straight through my first alarm… The next alarm went off at 6, which is when Miles and I should be already out hitting the pavements. Ooops.

This meant I had to squeeze in a quick three miles after work so I would have time to stuff my face before yoga. Some people might have you believe that yoga isn’t proper exercise, but my legs would tell you differently. Throughout the class I took heed of my teacher’s words and took a curious interest in what my body was telling me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear most of my limbs for my legs yelling “will you just sod off and leave me alone” before they stomped off, slamming their bedroom door behind them.

The class itself though paled into insignificance against my greatest achievement this year… I WAS WEARING MY HAND KNITTED SOCKS.


I have finished the eternal socks that have lived with me, travelled the world with me and sat in the pub with me for two years. And I think that they’re rather splendid.


The toe seams leave a little bit to be desired, but other than that they make me very happy.

Janathon day eighteen: disappointed

This morning I was been expecting to get up and venture out into a still and silent village hidden under a blanket of snow. Mentally, the blog was written – I would battle valiently against the elements to keep my Janathon honour in tact, ploughing out a token mile, I would return, heroic and be rewarded with a lovely pot of tea.

What I woke up to was a sparce covering of snow in the car park, a wet but snow-free main road and a wind-chill factor of -6oC Pfffffffff. This was a bitterly cold three-miler on weary legs. Looking on the brightside though:

  1. It is Friday
  2. I have Janathoned early so I can relax for the rest of the day and, more importantly, I don’t have to run for at least 24 hours
  3. No snow means that my weekend running options have increased immeasurably
  4. I was still given a lovely pot of tea

I was going to take a photo of an un-snowy road, but that would have been, well, just a road. However, as I was running back up the hill, my path was crossed by a splendid fox and this gives me an excuse to include this chap from the woolly archives.

From Lauren O'Farrell's Stitch London

From Lauren O’Farrell’s Stitch London

Flamingo - from a free Spud & Chloe pattern

Janathon day sixteen: motivation

I was hoping to be able to blog some knitting today, but I realised that things had gone a little pear shaped and ended up spending most of last night (a) undoing my last few rounds and (b) defending my honour and integrity on twitter. Mostly (b).

Wednesday night is of course is yoga night, so it was an early Janathon run for me this morning. It was cold and dark outside and I wasn’t too keen on getting out there. Thanks to Heather for spurring me on from the (not cold and dark) Southern Hemisphere with the tweet:

This is what she learns at boot camp…

I opted for a 3 mile out and back along a route that I haven’t yet run this year; not too slippy underfoot, I got to bellow “MORNING” at another runner and a dog walker, and it was warm enough to let my hands be visible at the end of my sleeves.

And although this isn’t the knitting that I was going to post, I’ve been wanting to show off this little fella who I knitted before Christmas.

Flamingo - from a free Spud & Chloe pattern

Flamingo – from a free Spud & Chloe pattern