Excess baggage – what’s in my hospital bag?

Five days until d-day and my hospital bag is packed and ready to go. But what should you pack for your trip to the delivery suite? Like everything else to do with pregnancy advice, if you ask google, there are a million and one different versions¬† (mostly seeming to require luggage the size of a steamer trunk). As I read through the lists, I realised that all I needed to do was apply my runner’s head to the problem, so in my bag there is…

Kit – This has to be something comfy and it can’t matter if gets sweaty and mucky. Ideally, it should be long enough cover all your bumpy bits (my running kit does not involve anything cropped), this is not the time to live out that anxiety dream of being out in public wearing something inappropriately short (or is that one just me….?).

Footwear – Something appropriate for the terrain. I have mostly been wearing flipflops since May (fat feet and an increasing reluctance to have to deal with laces) but have invested in a cheap stretchy pair of slippers from Tesco. I encountered hospital issue slippers and want nothing to do with them, mainly because I would trip over them and end up in A&E.

Unglamorous underwear – The top half requires supportive, well-fitting specialist scaffolding with technical bits (flaps in this case). Like sports bras, in terms of design and fabrics nursing bras do come in a variety of styles ranging from the practical to the more exotic. Like sports bras, I think you need a certain type of confidence to carry off one in leopard print. Especially as a novice. Bottom half (if you pardon the pun) requires large comfy pants. Let’s leave that one there.

Snacks – I’ll admit that my bag packing started with the snacks. This was a combination of the fact that food is usually a priority for me and it was less traumatic to consider food than some of the stuff that’s required for the business end of things. Snack-wise, the books stress how much energy you use during labour and are full of suggestions that sound familiar from long runs. For this reason, I have dried fruit, jelly sweets and cereal bars stuffed in my side pocket. I am willing to share these with Ginge if he asks nicely (if only to avoid the risk of him following the example of my friend’s other half who disappeared for a quick chicken kiev and chips in the midst of her labour).

Drinks – It has to be my usual race day selection – water for during, orange Caprisun and chocolate milk for after. Do not judge me.

Change of clothes – Something warm and comfy to change into after the event. Hopefully I won’t have to do this in the car park.

Safety pins – Oh. Actually, I don’t need those, must be force of habit…