Nothing to declare but my laziness

Hmmmm. I signed up for this blog back in January. Since then I have managed a fabulous tally of zero posts – this should give people an idea of how I go about doing things. With all my projects I have a tendency to travel hopefully but rarely arrive – my knitting bag contains a pair of slippers (each foot in 6 pieces) and 10 rows of a shawl. I have never worn a shawl in my life, but that didn’t stop me cheerfully embarking on the thing, carried away by gorgeous wool and a mental image of me sitting outside a tent with my shawl wrapped around my shoulders. Incidentally, in this picture I was a stone lighter and working a stylish barefoot, outdoorsy vibe,  rather than the ‘only allowed out with a responsible adult’ look that I tend to work whilst camping.

My point being, I rarely finish a bloody thing (but have lots of good intentions).

Now, the thing I’ve found with running is that there is no end. Well, there’s the bit where I collapse in a big sweaty heap, my head gently pulsating, but you’ve got to keep going with it. You can’t just say, “well I can run 5 miles, that’s that”, there’s always 6 miles, or a faster 5 miles, or 5 miles with a big hill in the middle.

Also, I’ve learned in spectacular fashion today that being able to run 5 miles and then training haphazardly for a couple of months does not mean that I can pick up where I left off. Which is funny, cos I thought I could….

So why have I finally started writing this? Well, at the start of the year I set myself some running goals one of which was to run my first 10k. Since January, I have done nothing particular towards achieving this. In the last couple of days, I found No Boots and read about her goal of running the Bristol Half. I found myself feeling slightly shamed that the only excuse that I have for not doing a paltry 10k is laziness. Laziness and a fear of coming last.

So, I’m now the proud owner of an entry form for the Mersey Tunnel 10k in a couple of months. All I need to do now is fill it in, send it off and get off my lazy bum.